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  1. How much rent can I get for my house for 10 days?
    We inspect each home to arrive at an estimated rental price. The rental price reflects many factors:  location, size, condition, cleanliness, amenities, and decor.
  2. How long will my guest stay?
    Guests vary in their requirements but they usually want 10 days; all dates are confirmed by you and your guest prior to reservation.
  3. How often would I need to provide cleaning service?
    Most guests expect that you will come in once during stay to clean the house and change the bedclothes and towels.  Sometimes guests have premium requirements; all arrangements are confirmed by you and your guest prior to reservation.
  4. How can I expect payment arrangements to be made?
    When a guest and homeowner have confirmed all dates and arrangements, a 50% deposit is required from the guest to create and hold the reservation.  Until a deposit is received, a house is considered rentable and will be actively promoted.  When your home has a paid reservation, you will receive a check from us for 40% of your rental price. We retain 10% of your rental price from the deposit as full payment of our fee.  We require your guest to pay the remaining balance of 50% directly to you upon arrival.  If your guest does not mention the balance check to you upon arrival, do not hesitate to ask, sometimes travellers need to be reminded of details.
  5. What do I do if something is damaged?
    You may want to have your guest sign a form to hold them responsible for any damages they incur.  Any damage agreements are between you and your guest.  If you need to notify your guest of damage, you should have an estimate value of the damage on hand so they will know what is expected from them.
  6. What will you charge me for your services?
    We charge a 10% fee for handling your home rental.  We work very hard to match your home with appropriate guests.  Returning guests are common when the rental experience is satisfactory.
  1. What can we expect to pay for private accommodations in High Point?
    The rental fees vary greatly with location, size, condition, amenities, and decor of the home.  Our homes range from very modest homes to homes appropriate for formal entertaining.  We inspect each home for cleanliness and suitablility for intended use.  Every home in our inventory is one we would stay in ourselves.
  2. How often will cleaning service be provided?
    Most homeowners expect to come in once during stay to clean the house and change the bedclothes and towels.  If you have premium requirements we can work with the homeowner to see that your needs are met.
  3. What do we do if something is damaged during our stay?
    You are responsible for any damage that occurs during your stay.  The homeowner may ask you to sign a damage waiver.  Any damage arrangements are between you and the homeowner.
  4. What are your payment requirements?
    A nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the rental price of the home is required to create and hold a reservation.  The balance, 50% of the rental price, is due and payable to the homeowner upon your arrival.
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